About Discern

Discern is a quote-to-cash digital solutions firm.

We transform businesses by creating systems of people, process and technology that deliver a distinctly better experience.

We strive to help end-customers get what they really want, when and how they want it. Our passion is to turn possibilities and ideas into realities.

We partner with clients to anticipate the future, evolve organizations and attain market leadership.

We enable sales organizations to sell more, better faster . . .

by simplifying and automating the process of selecting, configuring, pricing, quoting and converting purchases into orders.

We deliver a compelling experience to end-customers . . .

by allowing end-customers to purchase the products or services they desire, when and how they want to purchase them.

We apply smart, connected technologies, streamline processes, and align human assets in the most efficient manner.

We work from a toolkit of advanced, yet proven digital sales solutions, including guided selling, configure price quote (CPQ), and contract management.

We specialize in equipping the end-customer with 2D, 3D and Virtual Reality capabilities to visualize and modify the product or products they are evaluating for purchase. 

Discern serves companies in the manufacturing and service industries across North America.

We have a strong emphasis on manufacturing firms that have complex products or services that can benefit from a visual configuration capability.

As a result of our efforts, our clients realize an enhanced customer experience, greater customer loyalty, increased conversion rates, decreased error rates, decreased cost and an enhanced brand.

In short, when we are successful our clients will attain a leadership position in the new digital sales era.

Why Discern

Our clients choose Discern because we are:

  • Passionate: Our people thrive on a culture of innovation and a deep affinity for developing innovative solutions to complex problems.
  • Expert: Discern consultants have many years of experience in their respective fields and will deliver creative and optimal solutions for your needs.
  • Inightful: Discern’s experts bring key lessons learned gleaned from years of “hands-on “time spent with customers.
  • Impartial: Although we have relationships with several technology providers, we aren’t limited to those vendors. We represent your interests and only your interests.
  • Practical: Our client-focused services can be tailored to suit your business requirements, budget, timeline, and available resources.
  • Efficient: Discern’s singular focus is to complete the task you’ve engaged us for, and not to place additional consultants.