CPQ Tool Selection

Discern has a better way to help you with CPQ tool selection than the traditional challenging, internal process. Through the deep knowledge and experience of our consultants, and our many years of experience with the products and vendors in the CPQ space, we can deliver a variety of services to lead you to the right conclusion.

Selection Services

  • Research and Information:  Discern can provide you with detailed information on the leading enterprise solutions on the market and the vendors that provide them. We have a variety of reports and data sets that can significantly reduce your research effort.
  • Tools:  We’ve developed a highly effective toolkit to facilitate each step in an evaluation process. If you’re conducting your evaluation independently, Discern’s tools can help you reach a conclusion faster and with greater confidence. Tools available for purchase include requirements templates, demonstration scripts and scoring frameworks.
  • Evaluation Methodology:  The evaluation methodology that Discern utilizes in its client engagements may also be purchased independently for in-house evaluations.
  • Expert Led Project Management:  Discern can provide a seasoned project manager to guide you through any part or all of your evaluation process. Consultants are available to work with you at your facility at any location, or via teleconference as required.
  • Selection Advisory:  Discern consultants are available to assist you throughout your evaluation process. Client’s can purchase consulting hours in blocks according to your needs.
  • Vendor Negotiation:  Discern consultants have significant experience not only with CPQ tool selection, but also negotiating license and development contracts with vendors once a client is ready to make a purchase. We can assist you in formulating a negotiation strategy, or we can directly negotiate with the vendor on your behalf.