The Return on Investment (ROI) you may obtain from adding Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions to your business environment depends on a rich array of factors and values unique to your market situation and operating ingredients.  This Estimator tool does not attempt to capture all such elements or to model their impacts on the ROI you may achieve.

The Estimator targets factors that tend to have a larger effect on the positive sales revenue and profitability benefits you may realize from (a) automating portions of your internal configuration, pricing and quoting sales processes, and (b) enhancing your end customer experience through a CPQ enhanced ecommerce web portal.

The tool is designed to assist you in your early stages of estimating the value that CPQ automation may deliver to your sales organization, and in estimating the corresponding financial investments you may incur based on the sales operations parameter values you provide.  Results are merely intended to provide a “ballpark” estimate of your unique ROI.

Before proceeding with budgeting an actual CPQ development and deployment project and justifying capital requests for CPQ investment in your organization, we recommend that a more thorough and accurate ROI analysis be performed that considers your unique opportunity.