CPQ Solution Design

Custom Solutions for Custom Needs

Like the blueprints for a physical building, a CPQ solution design provides the client organization with information and tools critical to implementing a successful quote to cash program. Discern’s configure price quote consulting services team has guided many organizations through the process and stands prepared to do so for your company.

CPQ Process Graphics

Tasks and Work Products

The components of a CPQ solution design are listed below along with the work products resulting from each step. If your organization already has one or more of these pieces, Discern will work with you to incorporate those pieces into the overall design.

 Task  Work Product
Readiness Assessment Comprehensive report containing:

·       Key Stakeholders & Associated Objectives & Concerns

·       Existing Quote to Cash Processes

·       Organizational Readiness

·       Partner Readiness

Needs Assessment ·       Functional Requirements & Gaps

·       Technical Requirements & Gaps

Business Case ·       Stakeholder Analysis

·       Project Investment Analysis

·       Pro-Forma Financial Return Projections

Solution Architecture ·       Functional Architecture

·       Technical Architecture

·       Integration Architecture

Tools & Vendor Selection ·       Selection Requirements

·       List of Vendors / Tools Evaluated

·       Scored Evaluation for Each Vendor / Tool Evaluated

·       Functional and Technical Gaps (with plan for filling gaps)

·       Pro-Forma Investment Analysis

Metrics Design A set of tools to measure and track the progress and results of your CPQ initiative
Workflow Optimization ·       Process Mapping of Current State

·       Process Improvement (based upon new technology)

·       Role Modification Recommendations

·       Optimization Implementation Plan

Required Resources

Although a solution design can be completed with Discern resources independently, the best results are usually achieved through a collaborative effort with Discern guiding the client’s team through the process.

As with all Discern engagements, work can be completed either at the client’s site or in Discern’s offices –or some combination of the two.


  • Ensures that the resulting solution fits the client organization’s needs exactly
  • Separates design from implementation.  The implementation portion of the project can then be bid competitively -similar to the way building projects are bid
  • Increases organizational buy-in, as the client has participated in the solution’s development
  • Positions the organization and initiative for success, as all aspects have been considered and critical work products have been produced and are available throughout the implementation

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