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What is a 3D Product Configurator?

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Powertraktm 3D Product Configurator

Powertrak 3D Visual Product Configurator is a robust, end-to-end, configure-price-quote solution that empowers sales, channel partners, and customers to VISUALLY and INTERACTIVELY build and design products, generate quotes, and complete orders, quickly and accurately.

Visually communicate and showcase the competitive differences of your products in a realistic and engaging manner.

Streamline the sales process and accelerate the conversion of sales opportunities into revenue with automation tools that simplify complex configurations, speed quoting time, and ensure ordering accuracy. 

Encourage customers and partners with little-to-no knowledge of your product(s) to become less apprehensive and more engaged in designing and ordering.

Improve sales efficiency by shortening the sales cycle and eliminating common obstacles such as product combination errors, miscalculated costs, and quoting delays.


Sales & Marketing Solution

Showcase your product(s) on your website for everyone to see. Empower users to visually customize and order anytime, anywhere.

Encourage Engagement

Easy-to-use configurations and near-realistic product models improve the experience and strengthen brand loyalty.

Insights & Analytics

Gain insights about your customer as they interact with your products, options, and accessories.

State-of-the-art Toolset

Drag-and-drop add-on parts to build products and freely place into a configurable room. See how products fit together and move (rotate/turn).

Thin, Browser-based

Embed on your website or a secure web portal. Mobile-friendly, tablet-friendly. No thick apps to download.

Real-time interaction

Shopping cart and product model changes instantly when new items are added or removed.

Frequently asked questions

Am I a good fit for Powertrak 3D Product Configurator?

Ideal 3D Configurator candidates are (but not limited to): 1.) Manufacturers that deal in make-to-order products composed of existing parts. 2.) Want to provide a simple, intiuitive ordering experience for customers and partners. 3.) Want to reduce training and knowledge burden on users. 4.) Organizations that have the capability to produce or acquire art and product data to drive the configuration experience.

Who is not a good fit?

Less than Ideal 3D Configurator candidates are: 1.) Organizations with engineer-to-order process flows, inventing new parts during the sales process. 2.) Organizations that deem DriveWorks or other collaborative CAD solutions appropriate for its audience. 3.) Organizations that do not have artwork or no means to obtain source materials to be used to create art.

What are the product data requirements?

Organizations are required to provide product master and pricing, full dimensional data (height, width, depth) on all products, and information about how products attach to each other (again with dimensions). For example – The server rack has an area 19″ wide and 77″ tall where rackmount components are bolted, divided into 44 – 1.75″ slots, starting 3″ down, 1.5″ in, and 1″ deep from the top left of the front product face. In addition, authoring tools (Visual Attachment Point Editor) reduce but do not necessarily eliminate this need.

What are the 3D art requirements?

For each product visually represented, we need a suitable 3D model for use in the unity game engine, as well as accompanying textures:

  • .FBX or .3DS exported from 3DStudio MAX (an AutoDesk Product)
  • Blender output is also acceptable
  • Should be low (low thousands) polygon count
  • 3D CAD drawing in .DWG format for export use

How can I get art assets for this project?

Start with whatever you currently have

  • Manufacturing-quality CAD models
  • Sales and marketing assets

Produce in-house

  • Internal staff produces 3D renderings
  • Use tools to refine what you have. Simplygon or PolyTrans can reduce manufacturing models down to the level required for 3D Unity.


  • Use a 3rd party to produce model/images. We can refer you to candidates.

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PowertrakTM 3D Configurator Demonstration

In the following demonstrations, learn how to interactively drag-and-drop add-on items and accessories to build racks and enclosures, fitness and strength equipment, motorcycles, play systems equipment, in addition to designing rooms, spaces, and apparel.

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