Guided Selling

Increases sales accuracy and effectiveness

Guided selling empowers your sales reps to generate quotes and orders in an easy to use, step-by-step, behavior-driven questionnaire format.

This highly configurable, rules-driven process drives interactive needs-analysis, guiding reps to recommend appropriate products and services, and quickly identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities.


Strengthen brand and product loyalty by ensuring consistent, accurate pricing and configurations.

Satisfied Experience

Foundation for making good buying decisions by educating, informing, and supporting throughout the ordering process.

Pricing & Margins

Deliver accurate pricing at the highest possible margin each time. Maximize margins with margin-based discounting thresholds.

Brand Loyalty

Spend more time selling by shortening quote-to-cash timeline with automation.


Robust rules engine delivers real-time alerts and verifies the accuracy of each price, selection and bundles.


Eliminate bottlenecks by automating workflow approval requests. Boost deal size through cross-selling and upselling opportunities

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