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Discern helps businesses evolve technology, redefine processes, and revolutionize experiences.

Quote to Cash Services

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

Enhance your sales process with our CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) services. Specializing in the Salesforce platform, we understand the nuances and technical demands of CPQ systems. Our team brings a wealth of knowledge and skills, ensuring a smooth and strategic CPQ integration.

  • Quote to Cash Strategy Development
  • Business Process Mapping
  • Tool selection
  • Architecture
  • Business Process Design
  • User Journey Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Product Catalog Configuration
  • Data Migration
  • Product Rule definition
  • Pricing Configuration
  • Product Configurator Design
  • Document Management Solutions
  • Custom Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
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Billing Solutions

Elevate your billing operations with our Salesforce Billing Implementation Services. Our team specializes in seamlessly integrating Salesforce Billing into your business processes. With deep knowledge and experience in Salesforce solutions, we ensure your transition to this powerful billing system is smooth and effective. Partnering with us brings the advantage of a comprehensive billing solution, tailored to enhance accuracy and efficiency in your financial workflows. We focus on creating a system that simplifies billing management, automates key functions, and provides clear financial insights. Our commitment is to deliver a billing implementation that not only meets your current needs but also scales with your business growth, ensuring you stay ahead in the dynamic business landscape.

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Catalog Management

Effortlessly manage your product and service catalogs with precision. Our Catalog Management services provide a systematic approach to configuring and maintaining your offerings. We handle complex catalog structures, ensuring data migration is smooth and the rules defining your products are meticulously crafted. With our expertise, your catalog will be a robust yet flexible tool, adapting to market demands and supporting your sales process with accurate and up-to-date information

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Our Enterprise Architecture services are the backbone of a successful Quote to Cash transformation. We assess and implement the most effective architecture for your business, focusing on critical aspects such as business process alignment, user experience, data integrity, and system interactions. Our strategic approach ensures your architecture not only meets current needs but is scalable for future growth. Trust us to deliver an IT framework that supports efficient, effective, and flexible business operations.

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Document Generation

In the intricate dance of sales, the seamless flow of quotes and documents plays a pivotal role, yet it’s often underestimated. Choosing the right document solution isn’t just about technology; it’s about finding the perfect fit for your unique process and weaving together a strategy that connects every piece of the puzzle.

We understand that behind every business are real people striving for efficiency and success. That’s why we offer our expertise in leading document generation technologies, including Conga, DocuSign, and Adobe Sign, to help you implement a document management system that’s both effective and intuitive.

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Contract Resources

We offer certified experts on an hourly or contractual basis.  We can provide specialized roles including Project Managers, Business Analysts, Implementation Consultants, Architects, Developers and Deployment Specialists.  Our people are adept at integrating seamlessly with your team either remotely or onsite.

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Generative AI

At DiscernCX, we harness Generative AI, combining deep understanding with practical implementation. We specialize in integrating AI into Quote to Cash processes, utilizing tools like Salesforce Einstein to tailor AI models to specific client needs.

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Who We Are

Discern helps businesses evolve technology, redefine processes, and revolutionize experiences.

At DiscernCX, our team encompasses a range of critical roles. Our Architects, Developers, Business Analysts, and Implementation Consultants bring the specialized expertise you require for your project.

  • Quote to cash strategy development
  • Quote to cash business process engineering
  • Customer experience engineering
  • Transforming complex requirements into streamlined solutions
  • Rapid delivery of usable solutions to the business.

We are certified experts in the industry-leading tools required to optimize and integrate quote-to-cash processes.

CPQ Platforms
Document Management

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